Witcheye is a big, vivid, traditional system journey with a distinct touchscreen manage system that gives exceptional control over the hero. Swipe to relocate and also touch to quit, jumping off of adversaries and also dodging dangers in 6 vivid worlds. Trigger a mild-mannered on an adventure as a witch who changes right of into a flying eyeball revenge knight after a smarmy and steal her wizard spell components.

Witcheye Game Demo Trailer Below. Sare Arrow.

You’ll direct her with 50+ degrees, each containing something totally special: challenging brand-new opponents, mysterious brand-new atmospheres, and also confusing new keys. These types of components are brought to life with vivid, tidy pixel art as well as a vibrant, head-bobbing initial soundtrack.

Developer Peter Malamud Smith was the co-creator (with Charlie Hoey) of the viral hit The Great Gatsby For NES, and developer of the popular mobile action puzzlers Satellina and Satellina Absolutely no.

– One-of-a-kind, instinctive controls, for a fresh opinion on a classic gameplay style

– 50+ hectic degrees full of distinct components, including over 100 adversaries, minibosses, and also managers

– Fresh pixel craft graphic

c- 30+ track initial soundtrack

– Unlockable perk modes and difficulties, including a difficult mode with fully remixed adversaries and also levels

– Durable speedrun functions, including gamer ghosts as well as timers using integrated divides

Enjoyable auto mechanics behind the game, great controls and also has difficulty level. In charge fights are truly remarkable as well as the best component. Some desire there had been generally a few more exploration-style degrees; one thing was missed by ensuring it entirely side-scrolling.  Short however very well-designed and enjoyable. What did you think?

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