Discover the gorgeous globe of Nihilumbra as well as join Born upon his adventure to discover himself whilst attempting to leave from his unpreventable curse.  Born was created from the absolute nothingness: He divides himself somehow from the black vacuum as well as shows up from the Void in the world.

Here is just where his lengthy odyssey starts, in that he will certainly discover exactly how to use the shades about him so as to gain effective abilities and change the globe.

However, his adventures come at a high price. The Void should be one. It seeks to recover him and will never ever quit chasing him, damaging every little thing in its path along the road.
To survive, Born will certainly have to condemn the earth he walks to its inescapable obliteration.

Nihilumbra Game Trailer For Android Users


– Greater than 10 hours of gameplay.

– “Traditional” playability motivated by timeless video games however redesigned for responsive gadgets.

– The capability that there are 5 various shades to change ground physics.

– Make use of the worlds for 5 as your canvas and also change them whenever you like.

– 2 different control systems: Timeless buttons or turning sensing unit.

– Initial soundtrack made up by Álvaro Lafuente. Earphones advised.

– Unlockable shock on conclusion of the game. Replayability guaranteed.

The gamer can play until globe 2 totally free. There are a total of 12 levels to play the game. after that one can purchase the complete variation of the video game throughout the app.

  • Lovely game with easy controls. Tale is compelling. Adequately value acquiring the full version.

We liked the game generally, the degree style, the shade mechanic, and so on. However the storyteller is annoying.

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